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Cosmetic Laser Surgery Centre of India (CLSCI) was started by one of the leading cosm etic and plastic surge on of India, Dr. P.K Talwar way back in 1996. Since then CLSCI has been helping its wide spectra of patients with its highly effective cosmetic procedures. CLSCI proudly possesses some of the leading professional in cosmetics with rich experience under their belt. At CLSCI, we are using the latest high- tech state of the art Laser Machines, which help us to deliver Quality.
Hair_Treatment Hair Treatment

If you are fortunate enough to have a full head of hair in your fifties, chances are you will keep it for life. However, for many men, hair loss will be inevitable. Roughly 80% of men will experience some amount of balding, with in a noticeable change in appearance.
Hair Loss Treatment
Hair Removal Laser

Hair Transplant Procedure
Cosmetic_Surgery Cosmetic Surgery

Cheek surgery for cosmetic reasons is done usually to reduce the cheek fat and give a slimmer look and more defined facial features. Chubby cheeks look very endearing in kids but as one grows older these fat and rounded cheeks makes the person self conscious. Many times cheek fat makes the face look round and fat which makes the person seem fat although he or she may not be overweight.
Cheek Surgery
Lip Surgery

Eyelid Surgery
Body_Treatment Body Treatment

When a person undergoes massive weight loss through dieting or exercise or even through surgery which is called Bariatric Surgery, there is sagging of the skin and muscles as the fat which kept the skin taut has gone away. The skin which had been pulled tight over the fat enveloped body is suddenly left to go back to its original shape but has lost its elasticity and is left sagging. This happens usually on the face, neck, upper arms, breast, abdomen, buttocks or thighs. This sagging skin and sagging muscle and left-over fat tissue can mar the way you would like the body to look after so much effort for weight loss.

Tummy Tuck
After Massive Weight Loss

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